AL/ MI Event Spoil(s):

Couldn’t participate in this event much (work/ projects and RNG not being nice).

At least I got one trophy ship. I guess that’s all that matters.

Today is Haida’s 71st birthday. 

Work in progress; will update periodically as more stuff gets completed.


A couple of them are already done, others being worked on. Will try to get some more done during the week. 

Quick shots I took earlier today of Haida while visiting Hamilton 

HMCS Haida (G63) is a Tribal-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) from 1943-1963. 

HMCS Haida is the last of the Tribal-class destroyers which saw heavy action with the Australian, British and Canadian navies during World War II. Built for the Royal Canadian Navy at Newcastle, England, in 1942, this ship served on the frigid Murmansk run and in clearing the English Channel for the Normandy invasion. She helped sink 14 enemy vessels. Haida was recommissioned in 1952 and served two tours of duty with the United Nations in Korea, taking part in shore bombardment, blockades and attacks on trains. 

She is also the only surviving Tribal-class destroyer out of 27 vessels that were constructed between 1937-1945 for the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy, and the RCN.

Haida sank more enemy surface tonnage than any other Canadian warship. She is also the only surviving Tribal-class destroyer out of 27 vessels that were constructed between 1937-1945 for the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy and the RCN. 

She now serves as a museum ship on the waterfront of Hamilton, Ontario and was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1984.

「海の中からこんにちはー! ゴーヤだよ!


(Working on redrawing the older sprites/ pieces I worked on; wasn’t too satisfied with how some turned out)

An edit from the previous entry:

I realized a few mistakes made when working/ preparing my design for final proofs:
- alignment issues that should not of happened
- alignment issues for clip masking showing part of the pattern
- Akagi not having a holo background (It was gold before)
- Kanji is probably wrong in a few places. The text was too small for me to make out from the box, and I had to eyeball it a lot back and forth using jlex/ google

I’ve gone ahead and fixed those changes, and the entry is updated on my Behance.

The last stage is to print out the packaging itself, but I need to go around and do a bit more research on how much it will cost to print this out, and if I can get a good enough stock paper/ weight for this. If/ when that gets done, I’ll post an update on here, behance and pixiv.


Nendoroid Package Redesign: Kantai Collection -Kancolle- Series

There are still a few minor things I’d like to fix/ finish (mainly adding in glows to text if I can, and measurements for a box jacket sleeve), but the design is more or less done.

Photos of Akagi and Kongou were sampled/ edited from GSC’s site. Once I get mine, I’ll start taking my own photos.

Check out my pixiv/ behance for more images/ assets used. Please note what I’ve posted on those sites are NOT the original document size.


Edit: Pixiv link is outdated, as I have continued to edit the submission a bit more detailing a few things. Visit behance for updates or view this post for more details

Still working on that package redesign. It’s almost done. Also had a quick photoshoot with my friend’s new rig.

Edit: Thought I’d also show the original packaging as a comparison